Emergency Procedures

Minor Difficulties

  1.  If you feel unwell or faint or if you have a coughing fit sit down immediately. If you know you are well and not in danger of anything more serious give a discreet ‘thumbs up’ so that your immediate neighbours know this.
  2.  Members on either side of someone who has sat down should move discreetly closer in order to give support in case of collapse.

More Serious Difficulties

  1. If a singer collapses the Conductor will decide whether or not to halt the performance while the emergency is handled.
  2. If the performance is halted because of the incident the choir should remain quietly seated on the stage until given further instructions. Further instructions will be given by the concert manager.
  3. Whether or not the performance continues members in the immediate vicinity should act in an appropriate manner to protect the casualty from further harm. If the performance has stopped it might be necessary for some members to remain standing to provide privacy for the casualty.
  4. Members who are medically qualified and near the casualty are asked to offer assistance and take control of the situation.

Major Cathedral Incident

  1. If the Cathedral has to be evacuated the Conductor will indicate that the Choir should sit.
  2. Further instructions will be given by either the concert manager or a Cathedral official.